News: Fidelity Custody Finalized / Litecoin Privacy Update / Enjin Wallet gets Exchange Feature

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Fidelity (world's fourth largest asset manager) is set to launch Bitcoin Custody service. Enjin Wallet updates with DEX integration - and you get to choose between Changelly, Bancor, and Kyber. Net Crypto ATMs come out. WAX to launch credit cards. Litcoin to have Confidential Transactions. Justin Sun drops $0.6 of BTT tokens to everyone ("Yay")

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WAX Credit Cards:

Litecoin Confidential Transactions:

Kucoin Delists:

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It’s nice to see you still doin your thang, Michael! Thanks for the informative video. This is the first time I’m hearing about Enjin.

I had never seen the Enjin wallet before but it look really user friendly and has great features! Will give it a try!

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Thanks sir @boxmining for sharing the great update of Litecoin.

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