Daily: Korean Exchange Korbit Acquired by Nexon, Fake Phishing Websites

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Boxmining Daily 27th Sept
0:53 Market Recap
1:50 Nexon's $90 million Korbit Acquisition Confirms South Korea as New Cryptocurrency PowerHouse
2:43 Fake! https://blockchfain.info
5:15 Japan wants to launch a new digital currency: J-Coin
6:14 Distinguished London Gold Dealer Accepts Bitcoin for Payment
8:28 China’s Prohibition Causes Massive Spike in P2P Trading Platforms

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Korea knows!!!

So many phishing sites out there... Like a year ago, when I started investing in Eth, I got all my balance stolen and thanks to the great team of mew, got them all back. Sadly I got scared and sold all when it was at 12 USD... So you might say I got stolen anyway... Thanks for sharing and keeping the community aware of this sites...

Thanks for sharing. Followed. Pls follow me

Thanks for the info. But why will Japan want to launch its own coin, (imo) I'll say they should focus on bitcoin and other popular cryptos since they are already established and widely accepted. Tanx

Good information
Nice work

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All countries will eventually have a sovereign coin. Fiat is going to be worth nothing so the race is on to get their own crypto-currrency in place. The point is what will back the sovereign coins?

JCoin does sound a lot like fiat. Thanks for the heads up about the scam sites, friends have warned me to stay away from slack because of those issues. I have seen an increase in Metal exchanges looking to get a piece of the BTC action. PayPie is launching their ICO very soon, so BitPay and others will have some competition.

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This is why i am so sacred of transferring to NEON wallet. I feel like i might loose my coins, but at the same time i don't generate gas ugh.