Daily: China Secretly Trading Bitcoin? Segwit2x Clarification / Venezuela

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With the rise of a few new exchanges catering to the Chinese - is China secretly trading Bitcoin?
0:58 Market Analysis
1:49 Segwit2x Comments & Clarification
5:12 China Secretly Trading Bitcoin?
8:17 Venezuela Update - From a viewer
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China licensed coin? https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/china-will-likely-resume-cryptocurrency-trading-by-licensing-bitcoin-exchanges/

Chinese Exchange: https://www.zb.com/

Venezuela Dolar https://dolartoday.com/

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and by the way..... Please please: more information on Venezuela + Zimbabwe, and how Bitcoin is used in those two countries. This is evolving story, when highly affects and sets examples, what happens in hypperinflation. I am a believer that Dollar one day can collapse, so I rather be ready.

great content... up√oted & promoTed via @cnts :]

Great video: as always!
China ofc is trading BTC, it would be hard to believe if no one would be trading it, just mining wast amounts and not trading. Same as they have interest in oil / dollar / reserves and investments fields with America. Because China has huge surplus in trading,.... they have to put somewhere that "spare cash". Same here, when china is mining BTC, they are very very very interested in BTC price to rise, or to keep it at particular level, so the whole mining process is profitable to them (China). This is only my opinion, after I have been following the whole Bitcoin and crypto evolution unfolding since Jan'17. China dont have to have traders located within Chinese region.... they can operate from other countries.

Very interesting insights about BCC, with block difficulty etc.... As I purely thought it is very highly speculative coin for now, but you might be right here it might depend a lot on block sizes and profitability of mining. So the price of Bitcoin Cash just adjusts to those two factors I have mentioned.

China is very free to a certain extent. As long as what you are doing does cause public nuisance then the authority will just ignore you. If what you are doing starts to get out of hand then the authority will step in.

china have many more secrets so must be for bitcoin they have secret strategies... china government wants spy on every individuals life so have to find the ways 😯

Good video again. Hoping for videos about other coins than BTC, all this drama around 1X/2X is starting to become boring.

Thank you for sharing information about Ven. and China! Most people here the US dont get BTC let alone get the fact that the rest of the world is going to by a far amount, be way further ahead in this space than US.......Who wants to fly to Ven. to buy cheap coins!?!?!?!!?!?!?!? The future HoDL's
Keep up the great work your videos are perfect length and scope for morning coffee your contributuion to this community is priceless! I wish i could have more steem to upvote your higher lol but slow and steady is my race.....


Thanks!! I thanked francesco as well for his contribution on venezuela

Larger blocks are 100% required in the future, even with Lightning. Stubbornly sticking with 1 MB will further damage Bitcoin's usability and drive people to seek more worthwhile alternatives. If that situation isn't remedied in a timely manner, that's exactly how Bitcoin will go down in history as the silly, useless cryptocurrency that was once valued at $120 billion (or whatever hysterical speculators may drive it up to), possibly the most overvalued asset ever.

Yo ,
Thanks for sharing

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