Bitcoin Cash Update: Coinbase, Poloniex , Bittrex Adds Bitcoin Cash,

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

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It seems that attempts to block Bitcoin Cash has failed, and exchanges that were timid to Bitcoin Cash or flat out rejected it are now giving in to the demands. Initially, when Bitcoin Cash was announced, some exchanges decided to voice against it - a bold move to prevent long time user confusion. Afterall, Bitcoin Cash is less than an upgrade than an adjustment of parameters - hardly worthy of being a new coin.

However, it seems like Bitcoin Cash has won the battle - at least for now, as it has value.

Wallets such as Exodus are adding support to claim bitcoin cash, whilst exchanges that are initially against Bcash are adding it.



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Read the official Coinbase announcement here:

It is still dropping like a stone as everyone who has been given it seems to be dumping it. I'm in two minds whether to join the dump now, or hold for the longer term. It is in effect and alt with no real world connections, so for the foreseeable future it will just be used to speculate with. Interesting times.




feel you brother


yeah, never understood the hype or how it even has value.

I believe Bittrex just added it automatically, right? If you had BTC balance?


It did for me .

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Awesome news Michael regarding Exodus wallet! I've been advising Exodus holders to just sit on BTC and wait until developers assured security and bug free support for BCH in wallet. Any information regarding 20% drop in difficulty for BCH therefore miners resumed BCH mining. Anyone else hear this rumor or verification news? SteemON ♨


there are always miners mining bch, just a matter of how many.

I received bitcoin cash in my hit btc trading account , are they just giving this out

Great write up. Wondering if you suffer from blockfolio addiction too? -

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Thanks for sharing the update, @boxmining!