Exactly. And that is exactly what they are failing to report. They make false accusations that Bitcoin is a tulip bubble (and just look at their faces when they are saying that..its almost like they are getting paid extra under the table to say so) based on no facts at all.

If no one owns something, how can it be a bubble? Sure, if the demand is almost zero, it could be a bubble. Of course. But look at the demand for Bitcoin. It's through the roof, and guess what, it's not an inflationary currency like Fiat. So, there won't be many of them. Imagine owning 1 Bitcoin out of 21 million. It is a VERY scarce product. Not like fucking tulips.

11,662,498 accounts would make BitCoinia larger than Belgium and place it at the 77th most populous country. Denmark is #112. Just sayin'

Well, theres a HUGE fucking drop off after India, China, Africa, Indonesia and South America isn't it? :) Like the fifth biggest country populationwise is like Iceland :P The fourth biggest country is 1 billion people, while the fifth is like nine people

Dude...Africa, Indonesia and South America aren't countries.

Yeah yeah..potatoes potatos? Areas, countries, whatever. :)

Large landmasses, lines on maps, whateva...

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