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I will analyze the price of bitcoin and share it with all the people of Steemit here. I have announced this to each of my social media groups for the past few years to sell their bitcoin before their prices fall this year.

I also analyzed the price of bitcoin and why the price of bitcoin will go down this year, I said earlier on my twitter here

2012 - bitcoin halving
2013 - moon
2014 - problems created from mtgox and others
2015 - re-build
2016 - bitcoin halving
2017 - moon
2018 - the problem is still being created
2019 - re-build
2020 - bitcoin halving
2021 - ???? you know that

this always happens when we pass halving we will go to the moon, but we will see it again after halving next 2020 later

then what will happen when after we go to the moon, I've guessed a lot of things that were made to drop the price of bitcoin, so actually you might also know my analysis of this chart

You can follow me here because I will share the analysis every week through my Instagram

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