Crypto News April 9th 2019

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Normally I write about one topic and give my feedback on it but today I wanted to summarize a bunch of news articles that came out today and give my opinion on them. If you like this type of format better please let me know in the comments below and by up voting this post thank you!

China Moves To Ban Bitcoin Mining

I don't know about you but I thought they banned bitcoin mining years ago lol. It always seems like China is making headlines over dumb things such as this. Whenever the price starts to go up China steps in saying they will ban mining it, ban trading it or outright ban it from their country.

But hey that's what you get when your a communist country and they start to fear losing control lol

Facebook Coin Seeks 1 Billion In Funding

Facebook is launching their own crypto. We pretty much knew this was going to happen as soon as they bought Whatsapp and started to poke and prod around in the crypto world.

A 1 billion fund though is actually a drop in the bucket compared to the current 180 billion invested in cryptocurrency.

If Facebook really wants to take on the market they need to be at least at 5-10 billion to be placed in the top 10. Plus I also wonder how many people are actually going to use their coin and if they do will it bump the price of bitcoin ?

Buy Sell HODL app

I just ran into this today and it give you real time price predictions from users or by experts. I though it was rather interesting because the same thing happens in the stock market.

However an important thing to note here even experts are only opinions and no one really knows where the price will go.


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News out of China is never too trustworthy but I guess someone wants to bring FUD back! Don’t think they will succeed as most bad news is priced into the market already!

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