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Just a few short hours ago Bitcoin skyrocketed in both new user acquisitions and price as demand for bitcoin continues to flourish.

Coinbase today said they picked up over 100,000 more customers in a single day when news came out of the worlds largest futures exchange, CME is in fact planning on launching their bitcoin futures plan by the end of the year.

This would drastically open up bitcoin to a massive pile of money somewhere in the area of 68 trillion dollars. To put that into prospective if bitcoin hit a 1 trillion dollar market cap then it would be work about $50,000 per!

By opening up a futures what will happen is many large investors who currently have their hands tied from directly buying bitcoin now will be able to buy. We are talking about people with networth of 1 billion plus.

All in all we are looking more towards a heck of a rally by years end and some major growth and adoption in 2018 be ready for some profitable and interesting months to come.


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The CME plan needs regulatory approval. Up until now, Bitcoin has been almost pure free market, mostly without the blatant manipulation we've seen in the equities, bond, or precious metals markets. That might change dramatically if the CME plan goes forward.

@bitcoinflood I agree with what you said by opening up the market to many more people. The one downside I see to Futures Markets are the manipulation of the price of Bitcoin. That being said I always try to stay Positive.


As long as the manipulation is an upward trend then im happy ;) invest now profit later

If you want your first million dollars, the only you must do is nothing but wait. 😂

50k$ seems pretty far, but 10k until the half of this month sounds pretty soon.


10k by years end seemed far away in fact people where expecting 5k by years end. We blew that out of the water. If stock money starts to be invested into crypto then 25k 50k will come pretty easy in 2018

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coinbase is in not supporting for Pakistan..when it will work for here

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