Did You Sell or Buy Bitcoin ?? Daily Crypto News w/ Eugene Forrest

in bitcoin •  9 months ago

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I bought with profits I skimmed when we were at the all time high. Plus I made some decent trades in the past month and have accumulated more of most of the coins I'm holding. The next bull run is going to be beautiful lol


I am waiting for the higher price to sell..


I envy you guys who can actually take profits at the top. I just buy and hodl every 2 weeks when I get paid. The time is coming where I'll be able to move to Cambodia and retire early. That's what I'm hodling for. At current prices my current bitcoins will work out to 1200 a month till I'm 90. That's plenty over there, so as soon as I can get some vacation I'm going to check it out and see if I can make a home for myself there. If I think I can, I'll come back, close out my life here, sell my paid off house and GTFO!

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I think the rise will begin

You're a fortunate man. Most wives wouldn't have allowed you to buy bitcoins in the first place.
I'm not trader, can't read charts very well so I just buy and hold. It's embarrassing but I bought all the way up to 18k then all the way down to 8,844. I kind of substitute skill and trading ability with my earning capacity. As a MGTOW with a paid off house I live comfortably on 30% of my mechanic wages, and I dump the vast majority of the remaining 70% into bitcoin every 2 weeks.

This bitcoin crash has been pretty brutal but I've been around the block a few times now and I've been through enough crashes to make my hands pretty strong. I did panic sell half my bitcoins back in march of last year. I sold at 900 and 1100 and I've regretted it ever since then. It's experience that's made my hands strong. It's not all bad though. I used the money to payoff my house and I really do like having no mortgage to pay, but if I hadn't sold I'd be a millionaire at the current price. *Fool me once!@ Every crash I go through makes my hands stronger.