Bitcoin Faucet Crawler Software

in bitcoin •  3 years ago

I have found a new software for claim easily at Bitcoin faucets, it is very nice simply open it and put your btc,ltc,doge or other altcoin address and do click at start you will be capable of claim  faucets really fast. i got 4 usd only in one day  with it, i have analyzed it with virustotal and malwarebytes and it is totally clean (but like always i strongly sugest to analyze it by yourself before run it like all software downloaded from internet).

More info at:

Download link:

Virustotal report:   100% clean

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if you are looking for ways to earn more cryptocurrency check out bounty hunting. They generally pay more than faucets.

hi...i just installed the software...but it says "0 faucets available"...what should i do?

The dev have confirmed that crawler database have more than 1000 faucets, we can be doing faucets until we get old