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in bitcoin •  last year

Today on the BTC Sessions I had to awesome gents come on to chat with me about what is going to be called "Bitcoin Gold", a friendly fork of Bitcoin. What is it? When will it happen? What makes it friendly vs malicious? What does this mean for Segwit2X?

Check out the video here:

You can also head over to the typo-filled website here:

More info on CoinTelegraph:

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waw ...very interesting
I am considering selling some of my Alt/Shit coins that are making me lose money and i think that due to all those forks coming - it is better to keep my money in the form of bitcoins


Yeah if this is the trend then that will definitely be the case. Of course you can have greater gains in the short term with some alts/ICOs, but there is also a lot more risk.



Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for going through the breakdown malicious vs. friendly. I am new to crypto, so it was very informative!

Thanks again @benperrin117!


No worries! Happy you found it helpful :)

this looks promising. I'll look into more details. thnfor the infox

great interview --looks like we will all be killing it holding BTC -thanks