Which way should I make my prediction?

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STEEM is one of the very few crypto projects that I actually use on a daily or even monthly basis... in fact, it may be one of the few projects that actually has a working... ANYTHING!

So, I'm pretty happy when a STEEM question comes up on my Cindicator questions. It does mean that someone, somewhere finds STEEM important enough to be trying to get market sentiment data about our beloved chain! It's pretty hard for me to make a prediction with no emotion attached when a STEEM question comes up, but today it was pretty easy. I don't think that STEEM is going to duck below this level, as it has had some pretty decent publicity of late, and the chart doesn't look like it is destined for a fall in the next week against Bitcoin (BTC).

Or at least that is what I think... or hope... it's kind of hard to tell when I make these choices for STEEM!

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Howdy sir bengy! Hey where does Steem rank with the other Alt coins, or does it? Is there a ranking of the top 10, 20 or 30 coins and is Steem in one of those groups?


If you visit coinmarketcap.com, you can see the listing's and comparisons of the different types of crypto. At the moment the principal measure is market cap, which might be a misleading metric as it doesn't directly measure usage but more speculation.


Howdy sir bengy! Oh I see, thank you for this information tip and explanation!