Will Philippines legalize Bitcoin as a security?

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

November 22, 2017


"A principal regulator in the Philippines has announced: The direction is for us to consider this so-called virtual currencies offerings as possible securities in which case we will apply the Securities Regulation Code, the country’s Commissioner, Emilio Aquino, of its Securities and Exchange Commission (PhSEC), signaled on 21 November. Movement towards proper legalization comes after much consideration and monitoring, along with consultation with its central bank." read more...


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And how is it that others consider this as a bubble?


May be bubble maybe trouble :)

having a scuba diving resort in cebu im hoping within one year i can offer payment by crypto


i think it be good for business where they can pay for accommodation courses and excursions through crypto

At the min i except paypal but have high charges
lets just hope philipinnes starts to adopt crypto

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