My Top Tier Crypto Affiliate Programs 3rd Edition

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This post appeared first on my blog. Updated Re-Post Number 3

There are literally hundreds of crypto services and referral programs. I'm being totally blunt with you now: 99% of them are either straight out garbage and/or scam. Here are the services I actually use, promote, and recommend

Precious Metals

Gold/Bitcoin exchange.

I use this service to store 60% of my savings in Gold, and they offer a nice referral program.


  • 20% Trading Fees from Direct Referrals
  • 5% Trading Fees from 2nd tier Referrals


1Broker is the most known Broker


  • You earn 15% of the commissions/spreads from referred traders.

I use SimpleFX usually to go long in Gold, and they offer a great affiliate program.


  • Up to 25% Trading Spread from Direct Referrals
  • 5% Trading Spread from 2nd tier Referrals


Whaleclub - Use bitcoin to trade stocks, forex, crypto, and commodities up to 100x leverage. Get a deposit bonus when you join + "every user you refer gets a 20% deposit bonus they wouldn't have gotten otherwise."


  • 50% of all commissions.

Bitcoin Debit Cards

I use and recommend E-Coin


  • 10% total gross margin
  • 25% discount on all plastic cards

TIP: Market together with Changelly (scroll down for explanation)

Hardware Wallet

Trezor is the HW of my choice.


  • 5% per sale

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This one offers 3 days free trial, is recommended by privacy reporting sites and inexpensive. I use it when I'm travelling or dwelling at Starbucks.


  • Up to 50% recurring
  • Up to 100% first invoice commission
  • 10% for other Webmasters you invite


BitShares decentralized exchange.


  • 60% of all Blockchain actions from your referrals

Get Started - ShapeShift Like Exchange

TIP: Market it together with a Bitcoin Debit Card / "Use any supported altcoin to top it up via Changelly"


  • Earn 50% revenue share


Let's talk about the stuff that crypto is missing.

First of all, high ticket affiliate programs. There's nothing like that.

Secondly, a clickbank/amazon affiliate program for crypto. The only tech which comes close is Syscoin, you can get "resell rights" to offered products. However, entry level is super high, you need a synced full node client and there are not stats or link builders...

Which programs do you recommend? Let me know in the comment section below!

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I also like leverage trading like and low cap exchanges like:

Definitely nice picks. Didnt know the first one. Thx for sharinf

Interesting info for a newbie. Thanks.


you're welcome. let me know if you need help :)

Ever tried to negotiate higher on the deals? Trezor seems a bit unfair at 5%!


5% is okay for a physical product. I would negotiate regardless, but don't make enough sales to bother :)

made my first purchase on vaultoro -- 200 milligrams of gold! just trying it out right now. thanks for putting the word out there about it!


awesome :)