How to: TFlip Bitcoin Lottery - Sign-Up, Play, and hopefully Withdraw with your Free Ticket (Freebie inside!)

4 months ago

TFlip is a Bitcoin Blockchain Lottery.


Click Here to visit the Website

2017-05-16 17_15_04-True Flip - International anonymous blockchain lottery.png

  1. Click the yellow "Play Now" Button
  2. Click "Sign up"
  3. Sign-Up :)

Make sure to use my link and to confirm the e-mail to receive the free ticket!


2017-05-16 17_19_13-My bets - True Flip.png

  • Click "Play Now" Button


  • Scroll down until you see "free Ticket"

2017-05-13 16_16_27-My game - True Flip.png

  1. Fill your ticket, 5 Numbers + 1 Super Number or click "Auto"
  2. Click "Pay" - it will use your free ticket


2017-05-16 17_03_13-Withdrawal of funds - True Flip.png

  1. Click "Withdrawal"
  2. Enter Amount
  3. Enter your Bitcoin Address
  4. Enter your Password
  5. Click Send

2017-05-16 17_26_49-My game - True Flip.png


Inviting People grants you 1 Free Ticket and 2% of their winnings, if they confirm the e-Mail/Account.

2017-05-16 18_12_24-My referral - True Flip.png

Note: Your account will be locked and manually checked if you refer people to avoid cheating (eg. Signing up under your own account to steal free tickets), withdrawing is disabled and the process can take up to 7 days

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Yeah, nice project. I tried it many times.


Thanks for sharing the Blockchain lottery with us, I have never heard about it before. Will give it a try! Keep up the good work.
You have just received my upvote!!


sure, one ticket is free just for signing-up