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Mike Maloney made his name in the precious metals community, but his recent documentary about cryptos shows he's not just a gold bug. He's actually said that in the past, and now we know he meant it. This is an excellent video for anyone new to cryptos, or anyone who doesn't know about hashgraph. It breaks them both down well, and shows the advantages hashgraph has over blockchain technology.

My only criticism: though it explains the downsides to blockchain technology, it doesn't show the downside to hashgraph. Blockchains are decentralized. No one owns them. The same can't be said for hashgraph though. At least not in its current form. Hashgraph is patented, and owned. Hashgraph is not open source, while one of the main things that makes blockchain technology so valuable to humanity is it being open source. Hashgraph has a long way to go before it can take over blockchain technology.

I think the video should have been a little longer, so that it could explain more about hashgraph. Particularly the downsides to it, such as it isn't available to use yet. And in its current form, it's missing what makes blockchain so great - decentralization. The video kind of leaves us all thinking hashgraph is already here, as a superior alternative to blockchain. But it's not. Maybe one day. But there are other ways people are trying to solve the pitfalls of blockchains, such as with IOTA's Tangle, Cardano, Proof of Stake, and litecoin for transactions (others too).

This is just one of many great videos available on Mike's site There's also extra related footage there too, so be sure to check that out.

Let me know what you think about the video in the comments below!

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i did a hush graph , post yestarday

there are idiots who do not believe in crypto paralysis today.