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RE: Bitcoin is still very expensive to attack- 51% attack

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Please, see my comment and correct the information in you article.

I don't want to get it flagged for misinformation but also don't want to see erroneous information being promoted.

Thank you!


Yeah, I tried to state in the article that I was using this website for the info, but that may not have been as clear as I wanted. Where did you find your information about Siacoin? I can link that website in my post.

I followed the website you linked which is where I got the screen cap. I also asked about the viability of a 51% on their Discord.

Many Obelisk owners are long time community members.

BTW I was the guy that created this during the Bitmain fork fiasco.

It hit the subs trending back in the day. I was hard line pro forker.

Forget Bitmain and them flooding markets and premining with their hardware. Scumbags

I updated my article, is it more accurate now? I didn't mean to drive anyone away from Siacoin, sorry. I was just using this website as a reference for this article, but a credible source of information can be hard to find these days. I see, thanks for that info. Bitmain will do whatever is in Bitmain's best interest...

Yes, all good. Yeah believe me. Read the Hakkane's Secret Mining article on Medium if you want to see to what length they will go.

Bitmain is ruthless and indifferent to communities but think the chickens are coming home to roost so to speak.

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