12/30/20 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): FREE Rhombus (RHOM) Crypto-Dividend To BTC Holders As Of 12/05 Snapshot Launches ON NEW YEAR'S DAY!

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For Bitcoin holders, the rich just get richer - in this case, via a new, FREE crypto-dividend with the potential to hold a material valuation within a short-period of time.

And to get it, all you needed to do was hold a BTC balance as of the December 5th snapshot - as discussed in my December 4th article, "FREE airdrop to BTC holders this month - Rhombus, a proof of stake, low inflation, cold-stakable Monero alternative!"


Everything you need to know about Rhombus, ticker RHOM, was discussed in the article – but to summarize, this is the first time Bitcoin holders have been airdropped a coin featuring Monero’s Ring CT and bulletproofs privacy technology.

Moreover, RHOM is a POS coin – versus Monero’s POW; has half Monero’s inflation rate; and unlike XMR, RHOM can be staked – via either “hot” (wallet open), or cold (wallet closed) options. Furthermore, for those who seek to speculate on RHOM, a $2 million ICO, payable via BTC or ETH, will commence the day of the January 1st launch, at a price of $0.01/RHOM.

Before I get to the details of the launch, let me rehash the potential size of the coin supply, as discussed in the December 4th article.

“The initial RHOM supply will be one billion, including an 800 million development fund and 200 million for the planned ICO.

Regarding the airdrop itself, an additional 10 billion RHOM has been allocated. However, the only way this entire amount would be realized is if all holders of all 18.5 million or so Bitcoin claim it.

To wit, the claim ratio is 500 RHOM/BTC; so, if 1% of all BTC holders claim, the amount of claimed RHOM would be roughly 18.5 million BTC x 1% x 500 = 92.5 million. If this is the case, total supply would be 800 million + 200 million + 92.5 million = 1.0925 billion; which, at a projected launch at the $0.01 ICO price, would yield a market cap of $11 million.

Back to the launch itself, all details can be found at https://rhom.com/, which is partially populated now, but will be fully populated at the time of launch; which right now, is scheduled for sometime January 1st - though it is possible this time is very slightly delayed.

Again, the snapshot occurred on December 5th, at BTC block 660023. So, you will claim RHOM only with BTC that was held in addresses at that time, at the prorated rate of 500 RHOM/BTC.

Like XRC and MWC, all you will have to do to claim RHOM is sign a unique message proving BTC ownership, through either your hardware or online wallet. Then, you will have the option of holding your coins in either the Bitcoin Core forked wallet the RHOM developers created, or a unique RHOM web wallet that may not be 100% complete at the time of the January 1st launch (if not, very shortly afterwards).

Moreover, RHOM will initially trade at the freebitcoins.com exchange – likely, but not guaranteed, within 24 hours of the claim period launch; which, I might add, will remain open until December 5th, 2021.

One reason to claim immediately is the unique staking opportunity RHOM offers – via either hot (wallet open) or cold (wallet closed) options. Each 2.5 minute spaced block offers a 25 RHOM reward, or 14,000 RHOM/day. Thus, the sooner you claim, the sooner you start staking – with detailed instructions to be uploaded at The Rhombus Project - Airdrop upon the January 1st launch; and as well, how to invest in the simultaneously launched ICO.

For BTC holders, this is yet another opportunity to earn a potentially valuable crypto-dividend – with the first ever airdrop of Monero-based privacy technology, and added features such POS, cold and hot staking, and half of Monero’s inflation rate. And for those inclined to invest, the RHOM ICO offers that opportunity, too.

Best of luck, for a happy and prosperous New Year!

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