a new exchange of Rocelo Lopes - opportunity for the first 20 thousand enrolled

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Entrepreneur Rocelo Lopes is the owner of CoinBr, one of the largest crypto-mining companies in Latin America, and are launching a new project today. It is the platform for crypto trading. Many Exchanges are being launched in recent times and with that the quality requirement ends up increasing along with the offer, mainly as far as safety is concerned. Therefore, it is a step further this project to have Rocelo as founder, a reference among the investors of the cryptos market in Brazil. Many already know their work done in Stratum / coinBR.The others founders are Marcos Lima, with experience in banks and financial markets, and Eliane Medeiros, CVO of Byteinvest.

Rocelo commented that the site was written with a language for all traders, from those more experienced, as those who are starting. It will allow, for example, views of user operations from which one wants to follow the steps, but will also allow user privacy.

For the first 20 thousand users, Cointrade will offer a 0 rate for deposits, withdrawals and transactions on the platform, until December 1 of this year. According to the site, the vacancies have already been filled, but there is a warning stating that at any moment new ones may emerge. And for those who want to become a shareholder, the platform will offer equity quotas for investment capture. The first phase of funding has already occurred, and in it the company got three million dollars. The second phase was recently opened.

Some platform tools are:

  • buy and sell at the best price
  • limit: programming buy and sell at a certain stipulated price
  • Stop: you buy in the hope of rising, but if you fall to a certain pre-configured threshold, the asset will be sold automatically
  • Stop limit: the user buys in the hope of climbing, but if he falls to a certain limit, he sells automatically

We hope this platform is really quality.

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Nice... it's good to know that we Brazilians are also going on the way to help the trading market to grow up with safety. I'll take a look at this platform, but thanks anyways for your tip @andre3301.

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