New Platform Provides Insurance for Blockchain Companies

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iXledger, a company founded in early 2017 in London, U.K., has launched Blockchain Insurance, a platform that enables blockchain companies to obtain business insurance quotes based on a risk assessment. The platform presents exposures in metrics relevant to the underwriters, insurers, and reinsurers.

The platform’s IXT utility token gives users access to iXledger services. The company intends to make it available for use in other insurance ecosystems, including SelfInsuranceMarket, the InsChain insurance project and the fidentiaX marketplace, as well as to continue evolving their collaboration with other service providers within the insurance industry.Screenshot_21.png


Nice to see block chain technology spreading in every possible area and am feeling confident as an early adopters.

What is the price of this coin and how the ICO is going to hit the market?

Insurance for Blockchain Companies its new on Market? I never listen about that.