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In this week's episode we are proud to bring you our first interview! We go on to discuss whether or not it is too late to buy bitcoin.

We went on to discuss much more with Tom and will upload more clips in the near future. To find out more about @goldgoatsnguns please visit his website on:

This is a long episode so for your convenience, the interview is split up into:

1:21 - The Bitcoin Boom and what it means for altcoins
3:28 - ICOs: where will it all end?
5:18 - What will set new coins apart and what about EOS?
7:38 - Our thoughts on Steemit and Steem
11:08 - Too late to buy Bitcoin?

We really hope you enjoyed this episode as a lot of effort went into it!

Shout out this week to @crypt0 for his brilliant post on proof of stake v proof of work with Ethereum; and @kingscrown for his great blog on who the first trillionaire will be...

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@alexmavor fantastic work! Another enjoyable and interesting episode. Looking forward to reading some of the comments from our viewers! @goldgoatsnguns it was a pleasure having you on as our first guest.

Thanks for the opportunity to chat with y'all (as we say here in the U.S. South). Good times. And, no, I don't think it's too late to buy bitcoin.... though I might wait for a pullback.


anytime @goldgoatsnguns - we are starting a new series called Blockchat soon and will be sure to get you on for that!!


I take the time to watch the episode even if am not a big fan watching Youtube crypto shows. Most of them are too long for the time I have at my disposal.

What I liked on this interview, it was under 15 minutes and you covered interesting topics with the person you have interviewed. Also, I recommend increasing the box to see your face more properly. By the way, great work for your first interview :)


appreciate that and we will definitely look to do that in future interviews!!

thank you!!



Agree short and to the point good work!

Hello Alex and thank you for your reply to my Crypto Security post.

My Opinion of "is too late to buy bitcoin?" haha wow really, ok so the saturation rate of cryptos in human "wallets" is just over 1% of earths population. Into 2018 we should see near 3% and when that happens it will soon after go parabolic. Cell phone ownership now is aprox 83%. Mobile phones came out in the early 1990s. That is 27 years roughly. So ask me this same question in a couple decades.

(SXS, EOS, OMG, LTC, ETH, SALT, ADX, ADST) all interest me.

I have not been around long enough in this space to have capitalized in a big way or claim to be any sort of authority on use cases in crypto.

BitCoin and all the forks make me wonder which will come out on top. After the upcoming fork here in a week or two is when we will see the flow of money back into alt coins and tokens. This current BitCoin BTC spike was helped in part by the 2nd futures intention announcement by a wall street firm. This is just on news PLUS the upcoming fork and promise to pay out 1:1 B2X per bitcoin is the reason money is going into BTC. So after the fork, look out. and look to buy a BTC dip or sell some AltCoins after interest spikes. I like long term thinking and best use case scenarios. I am not a trader.

Take care and keep up the good work.


upvoted and followed


seems like people have been questioning this since the dawn of time (bitcoin) haha


It is definitely not too late to buy BTC! You will, of course, not be seeing your investment multiply astronomically. But, the return should still be pretty solid, compared to say traditional stock market investments.


but the importance is that you have to think long-term.

There is too much volatility in the short-term if you are just looking to make a quick buck!


Nice video and interview, I think alt coins are about to start going higher not sure what bitcoin will do in the near future but i think it is heading over 10000 in the not so distant future


appreciate it @buster544 - stay tuned for this weekend's episode!


Nice i didn't know what I was missing till I arrived at your blog......

Keep it up


thank you so much - stay tuned for a new series we are creating too!


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