ICO: Presentation of Bopti, the social network of building SMEs

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It is with great pleasure that we present you today an ICO made in France. After iExec and Domraider, it's Bopti's turn to embark on the cryptocurrency adventure. We had already met them in Lyon where we had been able to attend the presentation of the project in small committee, following the meetup that we had organized. Today it is our turn to present the project to a wider audience by participating in the bounties campaign.

The origin of the Batopti app

The story begins with OPTICHANTIER. This application was developed at the initiative of Sébastien Horemans, formerly a business owner of an SME in the building. It was originally designed to help entrepreneurs manage their yards.

The application has been emulated, its development has been taken over by H-IAPPS created in 2015, 37 000 € turnover in 2016, a startup that includes Groupama among its investors. The application is now used as a comprehensive management tool for SMEs in the building sector: quotes, billing, calculating the profitability of a building site, planning, etc.

The application today reaches a new stage of development, entering somehow into a third cycle. With more than 35,000 users, the network effect seems to be there and allows to consider a new business model: targeted marketing.

The uses of Batopti

In France and around the world, there is an important SME fabric in the building industry. A social network bringing together these actors would allow at least a better allocation of resources by helping for example a contractor in his search for materials or supplier very quickly.

The future revenues of BATOPTI are notably related to the suppliers who will be able to carry out highly targeted commercial messages, via all the information held on the user companies - knowing that the file will not be sold and will serve only as a basis targeting - just like what Facebook does in "Business to Consumer".

Among the possible uses of Batopti, a manufacturer will be able to probe the demand if he plans to develop a new vehicle adapted to the constraints inherent to certain activities. Take for example a builder wishing to design a vehicle suitable for painters of the building. It will be able to carry out a survey, and to target the user accounts of the application dedicated to the craft of the painting, within a radius of 200km. He could eventually expand his research by adding age criteria, to target young painters, a clientele more sensitive to this type of innovation.

Bopti +: the operation of the token

Upon registration on the application, a Bopti wallet - or wallet Bopti as we say in the jargon - will be created automatically. It can be used in several ways, depending on the user profile, customer or company manager.

The contractor will purchase Bopti + tokens directly on the market.
The customer will receive free tokens during a "loyalty" program.
The loyalty program will be freely determined by the contractor. This will establish a balance based on the loyalty program implemented by each business leader in the region. Once the customer receives his tokens, he can according to his needs:

Exchange your tokens directly to Bopti + for vouchers (Amazon, Alibaba ... etc)
Paying new services in the building
Sell ​​his tokens on the marketplaces that will list Bopti +
Another noteworthy item concerning tokens, the company commits to devote 25% of its profits to the purchase of tokens during the first 5 years. This in order to reward its users by the appreciation of the course of the token which will stimulate the demand, and will promote the adoption of the social network.

Bopti + targets the mass market to benefit from the network effect

According to Botpi +, the size of the building market will reach about 15,500 billion dollars in 2030. It is therefore both the growth of the building sector and the popularity of cryptocurrencies that society puts.

The very important character of this ICO is that it is conducted by a company that actually exists and is registered in the register of businesses in France. It is a pledge of additional confidence for the investor, because in the world of cryptocurrency, there are many projects that emerge without any legal structure and that can prove to be scams.

The application aspires to an international development even if it is today only proposed on the French territory. It will be available in four languages ​​- French, English, Portuguese and Spanish - and offices will be installed in Europe, North and West Africa, South America, Asia, and the USA.

As a social network, the key to the success of the project lies in the network effect. With 35,000 existing users, the project aims to bring together 100,000 users by 2018 and more than 3 million users by 2021. The goal is significant, and one of the keys to the project is to turn internationally to accelerate the growth of the company. An affiliation system is also planned, always with the idea of ​​promoting the massive adoption of the application.

The ICO of Bopti: to go further ...

The "Whitepaper" written in French is available and you can find the official website of the ICO at this address. You will find in this document various information about the project, the team and the financial projections of the company. The ICO will start on 10 November and will end on 10 December with the aim of raising at least 6 million euros. With already more than 500 000 dollars token sold, this third ICO "made in France" is part of the projects to follow. The token will be sold for 0.001 ETH, it is also possible to pay in BTC, Paypal, SEPA transfer or credit card.

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