Who's behind this now?

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In merely a matter of seconds Bitcoin went from around $6,200 to $6,400 leaving me and others following up its price swings speechless. Now, the last "crash" that took it down from the $7,400 mark, where it was hovering around, to just above $6,000 was due to fake news around Goldman Sachs cancelling their plans on "going crypto".

Now what?


What could have pumped Bitcoin and most of the alts some good amount of percentages in just a matter of seconds. Theoretically, there could be tens of causes for that to happen and one that I started to believe in pretty recently is trading bots and algorithms that according to some analysts like Alessio Rastani are very active during weekends, in the crypto markets. Which might be true... or not.

I, for example, am more of a believer in conspiracy theories and weird things like this, thus I tend to believe that there are some very very wealthy players in this crypto arena that are playing with Bitcoin as they wish. Names and figures that nobody actually knows about, or even if they're knows in any way it's not like any of them is going to the media and talk about it.

Another theory that I believe in it's about the history repeating itself for Bitcoin and that the crash that we've seen recently was pretty similar as of time frame with the one we had last year with China banning Bitcoin and now it might be probably the time for BTC to start going up again...finally. After the repeated history crash.

Or, anything I wrote might be worthless and who knows what could have pumped Bitcoin a few hundred bucks in just a couple of seconds. Anything is possible...

Thanks for your attention

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Hope it goes up in this last quarter if history repeats itself


I hope that too.