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that's my man :)

I have been doing the same, fuck it, thats what this place was meant for.

But for you especially, you didn't cash out, you can do whatever you want

I wasn't bullshitting about voting for nextgencrypto, I am just exhausted from this new career and haven't found the time to read up on voting for witness'

Where is the photo? xD

I respect that. If you do post a pile of shit though, I have high expectations. I want to see it and be like, "wow, now THAT is a pile of shit"


Only the best.

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POST freedom................

Lolz sure....😂😂😂😂

Your post, your rules. People don't like it, they can flag. Lol

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Errr you go..

Lolz sure you can...It's a free world on the steemit platform.

What were you doing for many days? 😂😂😂😂😁😁😀😀😀


The og shitpost!

😂 😂 😂


why are you sharing pictures of my bathroom?


ahahaha there are no privacy strikes on Steemit


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Really? I don't belive it.

now steemit is good for that only, untill you spend money on steemit its ok or its a useless shit for now

ha ha same here, though i've been here a year, with very little notice, just a shit load of inactive followers except maybe 4

Boss it's your platform you can do anything, my support is with you.


Good one ....lolz

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yeah do it man!!!

I've got water, in case the shit needs flushing

Did it already back in February. Unfortunately, no one saw it for the abstract art that it was.


Most certainly

So do I nobody votes me up though. lol

That's the way to go! Be yourself!

I understand that boredom.

As long as it's not pineapple pizza. We good

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can you please do that? Post that pile of shit and upvote that bitch :)

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Of course you can.

Do it. Please.

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That s your right..Man is free to choose his actions

Do it! its a free world.

Post it, whatever you want. The free will of the child up to the old people, the trapped and free people, the sick and healthy people, the rich and poor people so should be. It should be a beautiful free world, nobody should be afraid.



You will have competition.

Indeed You are Your Own Boss!! Post it Whatever you want :)