greetings to you too. are you from Indonesia?

Yeah right, I'm from Indonesia, if there's time to visit Indonesia ..
Thank you very much @paulag

maybe you would be interested in doing a followup post. A post that shares how much difference steemit has made to your life as an Indonesian. A post we could share with some whales to help get them to curate the Indonesian tags?

what do you mean i have to make a post, about what i have given steemit to me, and i must ask for help from whale to continue to support me and indonesia tags, sorry if i mistaken in understand your intention

no, but I see how it could be taken that way and I do apologies if I offended you.

What I mean is, if steemit could really help the people of indonesia it would be better said from someone there than me. I am hoping that whales will pick up on stories like this and curate more from the tag.

I am just trying to raise awareness of how steemit can help, and I guess I was looking for your help in doing that?

I am not offended by what you say, but the limitations of the language that sometimes occur misunderstanding, because I use Google translation

my personal saying thank you very much for steemit media that has changed my life to be better,

I have seen a lot of posts already in the community referring to this post. I do hope they get noticed.

Steemit on :-)

yes, I hope so, do you know how to increase the rewards in my writing, in addition I buy upvote

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