Birthday Wish! Not For Me but For My Friends.

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We normally have a lot of birthday wishes for our self, but I don't have one for my self instead I'd like to dedicate my birthday to my friends here on Steemit. @ahna8911 @sheshebaylosis @iamqueenlevita @tarsivy @ninjace .

@ahna8911 Ana, I hope you're doing good everyday, keep doing what is right, fight what is right, don't feel neglected we're always here for you no matter what. We know you're in a deep situation right now and we would like you to feel better and stop crying. We've seen you at your worst and we still think you're our best friend. You dunno how much you mean to us whenever you're down you can lean on us, no matter the situation Ana we gonna hold you down. JLO

@sheshebaylosis, We miss you! I'm glad you're already working. Please don't worry about MaeMae, her grand parents is just missing her. She'll come home soon. Don't stress yourself iight. Don't eat too much because we have notice that you're getting healthy everyday. Stay safe as always we don't want you to experience that again (on that jeep).

@iamqueenlevita Thank you for being a wonderful friend to us. I'm glad that @oscargabat made you smile when you were lonely. You're the best teacher we all know that. Thank you for all those jokes, we appreciate that especially me. I love your hugot moves . Stay safe where ever you are. Cebu to Manila to Bulacan, we'll see each other soon.

@tarsivy Tars, you're a good friend you know that. Never surrender however you have to respect her. More places to explore Bike is life. Be happy because life starts at 42 lol.

@ninjace Jace, mr F Boy. I wish you all the best on your career and more girls to com. You're a good friend a homeboy. Always be nice to dem girls prof.



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awww so sweet 2k. I hope you have a great birthday!


Thank you so much. Yeah I had one xx.

Saludos @twotripleow and to all you friends :) very well


Thank you kindly bro.

..ahahahah happy beerday 2k..

Now ko lng nabasa to bro:) so sweet of're a good friend ,no question about that!! God bless u more 😊