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Yesterday was my friend's birthday, so i decided to write him this poem.

History has just been laid,
On a plain that cannot fade,
Our hands on its blade, ma heart is made,
To say nothing than call a spade a spade.

For the first time in my life,
I couldn't count to five,
I'm so broke now, walahi, I don't NEED a wife,
Unless she'ld love to squat in the BQ of my hive!

Hehe, I know it's funny, I wasn't actually serious,
But this guy right here ain't devious,
I meant the guy on the reverse right,
I'm the guy on the reverse left.

How do I precisely transmit these flows?
When he's immune to every mental drowse.
Super-Brilliant, Hyper-Intelligent, no perfect clause,
He's intricate inside-out, even ladies sef dey pause!


How do I describe this feeling?
I know, I'm so-short of words, so I'm chilling,
The picture says it all,
And that's why this piece make sense, the celebrant is standing tall!

Bro, today, I got to make a confession,
I drew these lines from the confection,
I know it'll align with your discretion,
Cos I know we think in the same direction!

Forget liquors, we enjoyed the sweetened batter,
We are blood and water, I speak no farther,
As the father is in the son and the son, in the father,
So is he in me and me in him, we're BLOODERS!

I'm no "Rap-phet" but I punch bars to liberate the men and brethren.
Like an apostle let me dedicate this epistle,
To my 5 other Brethren in the G-7 Church; Gbenz, Kelz, Macseth, Anuoluwa and SAWA,
I wish to "come" to you but I'm restrained by za "Furchasing FAWA"


Therefore I beg,
Please accept my humble offering ( _ )( _ ), great Japanas!



I wish I could write more but I just had a WORDIAC ARREST; my WORDS failed me...

Wish my friend a happy birthday, would you??

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I could write a poem or a song lyrics for you too, starting @ 2SBD only. Just send me a memo @tomset. 🙌



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