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One brief year ago today the Steem Community Poker Leagues, created by @tuck-fheman and @bigpchef, moved to their permanent home on


From an idea born on a poker table in a kitchen to over one thousand community members strong, the individuals who surround have become a living, breathing family. Founder @tuck-fheman has worked tirelessly to ensure that the members of this community are all hand vetted and approved. This doesn't mean that the occasional jerk hasn't made their way into our family; however they tend to show themselves as the nasty creatures they are and are dealt with by the community accordingly.


What has the League Meant?

I'll go personal here... this is me, @bethalea and this league and most importantly, the people in it, have reignited my passion and love of life. Yeah, that sounds dramatic and I do tend to speak dramatically; however this statement is a straight fact. One year ago, I couldn't have told you what I liked to do... I had spent so many years engulfed in my family that I lost myself. Until one day my husband said about Steemit... 'they have poker, you know...' and I remembered that I actually like to play poker. Here we are a year later and I've made the best and most important friends of my life, people who have supported me and encouraged me to learn and grow. Thanks, y'all.

Here's from @michaelluchies (Hoodish on the table) :

"It's crazy to think that the SPL has only been around a year. I found this amazing community in January, and I can't imagine my life without it. It has helped me meet new friends, become more engaged with Steemit, become a better poker player, and just added a hell of a lot of fun to my weekly grind."

Hoodish writes for the SPL blog and therefore is directly responsible for the income that allows for freerolls on the site. Thanks Hoodish, you're an incredible poker player and priceless community member.

From @rawdawg, who is rawdawg no matter where he is...

“Lucksacks is the main reason I stayed on as a Steemit user when I first signed up”

“I have been playing on lucksacks close to the duration of its existence and it is by far the best community of people utilizing the Steem Blockchain”

Rawdawg, I count my blessings when I count you as a friend. I hate seeing you on the table at the ring games but that's only because it hurts to get rawdawged ;) Thanks for you support and for your fire, for your tenacity and your loyalty. Yer the best dawg. ;)

And finally, from @sevendst19, eloquent and humble;

"Lucksacks is why I'm on steemit"

There it is. Thanks Seven.

The Social in Social Media

As a social media site, Steemit is often difficult to negotiate and understand. Its hard to find people with your interests and further, to engage them in any real discussion. The poker table is where we meet; where we argue and laugh together. Where we find each others blogs, from homesteading to crypto ... stay at home moms to Venezuelan community orgainzers. Our community is made up of other communities on Steemit: we have friends from @thealliance, the LBGTQ community, the Veterans of Steemit, @Curie @SBC and witnesses @ats-witness, @followbtcnews, @guiltyparties, @ro-witness and @adsactly to name a few.

A guy who hasn't been around in a while but who deserves all of the accolades is @bigPchef. Founding lucksacks with Tuck, he is the guy who made all of our freerolls possible before Hoodish. He wrote, he collaborated with Tuck and helped create this entire space for the rest of us. Thanks P, can't wait till you have some time to play with us again so I can beat you. :)

Our biggest and longest supporter has been non other than @ats-david. Call him what you might, I will argue that he is considerate, giving and kind. This community has made it to where we are today because of his support. So thank you, David.



It all comes from and is because of this guy, Tuck Fheman. He has set the tone for this community. We are ferocious in our protection of each other and this place because he has inspired us to be so. By his own actions we understand how to be brutally honest and biting in our table talk and yet when to back off, to not be actually hurtful. It's a delicate balance between brutal honesty and kindness and couldn't have come from anyone other than you, Tuck. Thanks.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday y'all! Love you guys, you know I do. Can't wait to see what the next year brings!

love, b.

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Happy Birthday Lucksacks!

Happy Birthday SPL!

Thank you very much SPL. It so happened that almost immediately after registering for Steemit, I met with SPL. what is even more interesting is that today is my birthday on Steemit :)
Exactly one year ago I registered on Steemit. That's cool.


SPL gave me a big jump in development on Steemit, and in poker, and in English.

Thank you so much for that, SPL!


Happy Birthday @spl and thanks to the entire gang that make it work. Best community on steemit, no doubt about it.

Happy Mother Freaking Birthday! I'm so glad you exist!!!

Woot woot! Happy happy Luck Sacks!

If it wasn't for SPL I probably would still be finding my way on STEEMIT. Happy Birthday SPL and thank you for doing what you do for us Steemians!

  • loquedog21

Happy Birthday SPL, many days like this for you and for all the players!!!

happy birthday yeahhhh!!!!!

Even though I haven't been around for quite some time, @spl will always be there for me, I'm pretty sure of that. This is the first community I found on Steemit and I can say clearly that it's the best one. Thank you Tuck, Big P, Beth, ATS and all the people who have made this possible. See you around brothers!

Happy Birthday for this awesome project! Thank you all!

¡Feliz cumpleaños, @spl!

No pertenezco a la comunidad de SPL desde hace mucho tiempo (me registré hace tan solo unos tres meses aproximadamente), pero durante este corto tiempo en SPL siento que realmente ya he encontrado mi verdadero camino en Steemit....así que ¡gracias!
Atentamente: missypurple.

Happy Birthday SPL!

Happy birthday SPL! Thanks for all the good moments !

Congrats! You are for sure one of a very few reasons, why i every day open steemit! Glad to be part of this community! (Tadas)


Happy Birthday and thanks for accepting me into the @spl

I just finished my first game. Nice software and it runs very smooth. .. .

And yes I took it down :P

Thank's for your good post. I follow you, please follow me, sir. I'm totally new to Steemit. Hope you will follow me and help me get filled up by Upvoting. Thank you so much.


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Thank's For this information.

Happy Birthday @spl

Happy Birthday and Congratulations. I'm totally inspired by this and encourage to keep going forward and never give up.

I don't do birthdays but since I've found a home, a first base, on the STEEM blockchain by way of the SPL community, I hesitated long enough to congratulate you guys and the whole crew.

My main "go to" place for mental refuge as soon as I got some spare time. Amazing peeps and funny ass convos on the discord and in game chat...hilarious :)

While I'm working on my consistency, I try to keep up and play as much as I can, sometimes with popcorn, sometimes with a Jah Jah stick, Vodka, whisky, water, thee and with Metallica or Wu tang out of the speakers.

Happy belated b-day stuff!

Yo Poppa T, Big P and SPL crew, congrats!!!

nao conhecia esse projeto, legal.

projeto #ptgram power | faça parte | grupo steemit brasil


Great news to hear.