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RE: Hurray Happy birthday @MBJ [Steem-give- away to the best Comment]

in #birthday4 years ago (edited)

If my birthday is today!! :D 

As I like to celebrate: - Ice Skating  - Water Park/Theme Park - Laser Tag/Paint Ball - Sleepover - Skiiing - Swimming - Restaurant - Trampolining - Skate Board - Rock Climbing - Cinema - Go Kart - Camping - Horse Riding - Sky Diving - party - extra...  

However, @mbj You are not only creative, you can use your vision in practical avenues of expression. Your mind is always busy, and if you're not using it productively, you are given to worrying and overanalyzing. Some worrying is good. So keep moving forward [All the best]

Happy birthday @mbj


Valid entry Good luck..

wow, nice wish&awesome writing style...

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