Happy Birthday, Darling.

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There are some people you meet in a funny way but you couldn't help but hold on to them no matter how events eventually turn out. It has no regards if they are older or younger. True friendship has no class or age barrier.


Her name is Oluwakemi Elizabeth. She is the cousin to my ex and that was how we got close. I like this lady so much and it was obvious. She is innocent, calm, open, nice and always willing to go through the length for those that matters to her.


We have been in touch since that time even though I am yet to see her for a long time now. She deserves all the love and attention too.


Happy Birthday to you darling. I wish you all the joy and happiness that your heart desires. You are a good lady and my heart prays for you. You will never be confused or disturbed. God will always show up for you and grant you peace. Anyone who would derail God's plans for your life would be kept away from your path. God bless you real good. I love you always and I miss you so much.

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.


Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.



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Happ birthday to her.. She is pretty.

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Thanks, brother. Yes, she is.