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I wanna take out this little time to say a word or two about @greatness96.


Its very easy to help if you know and have seen one you are willing to help. But this young man took time to explain everything about steemit to me online without any pre-knowledge of who I was.

My early days on steemit were rough!
I would go about on telegram sharing my links to contacts from groups not knowing the danger I was causing myself.

I was threatened by an individual who never cared if I even understood the implications of what I was doing, but this young man carefully explained to me that spamming wasn't gonna fetch me upvotes or good reputation.

He nurtured me as a father would and lectured me about discords, posting good contents, commenting on posts and all the relevant ideas one needed to succeed on steemit.
He went further informing me to set up my introductory post and made sure I was on the right track.

I can't let today go by without wishing him Happy birthday.
More blessings await you because you are indeed an icon of excellence and greatness.
You are a good gentleman.
Thanks for being there for me on steemit!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @greatness96

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Thanks so much, dear. I'm really speechless. I never knew my small efforts made any impact. I appreciate you and everyone wishing me good things.

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Happy Birthday to Him. He has a big heart ❣ kind person.


Thanks for the wishes. 😘

Happy Birthday @greatness96 more greatness ahead*