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RE: Socialization of the Ruta Pajarera del Camino Real

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This is a great plan for the region. Birders are serious about their birdwatching and willing to spend $$ on their hobby!!
Thank you so much for the treeplanter visit on the prompt!!! And just for that, here is another prompt for you


Thank you! We are working hard on this sustainable development stuff, it has a lot of aspects!

Marianne I would like to donate a treeplanter upvote to the 'all-stars' of the freewrite, those that not only participate but also leave comments and upvotes supprting others. It could be announced or unannounced but I would like to coordinate with you.

Oh, in a very early podcast, I interviewed Greg Jensen and they are doing a bunch of work Guatemala. Might be interesting to check him out. They have expanded a lot since, but ecotourism is one way they make a living and support the population there.

sounds great!! I will start noting down some names as I do my morning prompt reading......

That sounds perfect! We could do it by surprise this time and then it will be a mystery when and/or if it will happen again!

Yes!! Love surprises! And as much as I want to support each of the freewriters, I don't want people to only show up because they might get $ out of it.....

Yes I really agree with you about that.