Balcony Feast

in birds •  2 years ago

Because winter is a bit harsh this year, I thought I'd put bread crumbs and corn flour on my balcony for the birds to find something to eat.
A few sparrows gave me that idea, to tell the truth. They flew in and checked my balcony, in search for something; looking at them I thought they'd be hungry and I got them some food.
I plan on buying grains next time I go to the market, give them something more nutritious than bread crumbs, although they seem to appreciate those as well.
Pigeons started to come after they saw nothing bad happened to the sparrows :D The little birds are a lot braver than the pigeons, the latter should feel ashamed (haha).
Here are some photos I took. They aren't great quality - I took them with my daughter's phone and besides, I got them through my balcony glass door and mosquito protection (I've been too preoccupied with other stuff to take the protection door away for the winter), so that's the reason why they appear all dotted.
Anyway, I thought you might enjoy the sight, here goes:

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