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By observing, we learn...

As act of socialization for the community - The Ruta Pajarera del Camino Real, also known as the Camino Viejo, in the municipality of El Líbano, in the north of the Department of Tolima, is a opportunity to promote sustainable ecotourism through a guided route with high historical, geological, biological and cultural content.

Photo by: Ledis Arango V. ©

When talking about interpretative hiking, we can share that it is an important socio-environmental communication tool, which promotes environmental education and allows us to bring humans closer to nature in a pleasant way, stimulating harmony (man-nature) and motivating appreciation for the landscape and the sight-seeing of flora and fauna; at the same time, a sociocultural recognition and a historical recount can be made, combining the physical activity of walking and exercising with the enjoyment of natural attractiveness.

Photo by: Ledis Arango V. ©

The Camino Real or Camino Viejo, was from 1849, according to the year of foundation of the municipality, the route of displacement of the settlers that arrived to these Andean mountain ranges and up to the present day continues allowing the rural settlers of the area El Agrado, sector Alegrías, and several neighboring areas, to communicate with the urban center of the municipality of El Líbano.

Photo by: Ledis Arango V. ©

Now, the Ruta Pajarera del Camino Real opens up the possibility of not only walking this historical road, but of reactivating the local rural economy, learning from biological diversity, setting conservation goals and also motivating the community to be included as a fundamental part of the appreciation and care of said natural ecotourism attraction.

Photo by: Ledis Arango V. ©

Bearing in mind that our country Colombia is the most diverse in birds in the world1, with a record of 1,921 different species, it motivates us to establish municipal criteria in order to educate ourselves in bird watching, to enhance ecotourism and to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining natural ecosystems and the principle of conservation of habitat for our friends the birds, and that, thanks to them, we can benefit from the visit of national and foreign tourists who wish to lengthen their lists of species of birds observed.

Photo by: Ledis Arango V. ©

Our area of Colombia is one of many areas denominated Birdland.

Photo by: Ledis Arango V. ©

It would be sufficient for local people to observe and understand the sustainable alternatives of benefiting together with ecotourism, caring for nature and its beauty, and kindly receiving tourists who want to appreciate what, here in our municipality of El Líbano, we have.

Photo by: Ledis Arango V. ©

Love and Light to All!

Written by Ledis Arango V.
Translated by Alex E.B. Trapp



Beautiful, do you know what hummingbird it is in the first five pictures. It looks so much like one we have here.

Hi..Green-crowned Woodnymph
Thalurania fannyi (female):)

Hello! I would like to chat with you about a project we are working on called @birdland ... would slack be a good place for that or maybe

ahhh, the beauty of nature. More of this! <3

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This is a great plan for the region. Birders are serious about their birdwatching and willing to spend $$ on their hobby!!
Thank you so much for the treeplanter visit on the prompt!!! And just for that, here is another prompt for you

Thank you! We are working hard on this sustainable development stuff, it has a lot of aspects!

Marianne I would like to donate a treeplanter upvote to the 'all-stars' of the freewrite, those that not only participate but also leave comments and upvotes supprting others. It could be announced or unannounced but I would like to coordinate with you.

Oh, in a very early podcast, I interviewed Greg Jensen and they are doing a bunch of work Guatemala. Might be interesting to check him out. They have expanded a lot since, but ecotourism is one way they make a living and support the population there.

sounds great!! I will start noting down some names as I do my morning prompt reading......

That sounds perfect! We could do it by surprise this time and then it will be a mystery when and/or if it will happen again!

Yes!! Love surprises! And as much as I want to support each of the freewriters, I don't want people to only show up because they might get $ out of it.....

Yes I really agree with you about that.

great post. This is a superb initiative... Gives a message that there is still hope for humanity, despite all the cruelty around.