Do not disappoint your stork. Very touching video.

in birds •  2 years ago 

He tried so hard to give you life. How do you live? What are your goals and aspirations? Will not you be ashamed of your life for nothing?

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A downvote was applied to partially counter earlier whale votes as an experiment to reduce whale domination of voting influence. Not intended to express an opinion on the content nor result in a net reduction of rewards or reputation (automated notice)

Could you please explain why exactly this post was flaged?

Basically, some whales are downvoting (or flagging) some posts upvoted by other whales. Why? Well, that's a great question... Funny is the fact that @smooth and other users who are downvoting posts are nothing but a bot

That looks strange to me. I still can't figure out why now all the author rewards come only in steem and steem power, no steem dollars. I can find no information about it:(

It looks like it's a sort of protest started by @abit:
I think it's just a silly thing, especially because this is affecting original content creators like @animal-shelter that have nothing to do with this

I hope it'll end. I've been flaged too moments ago, and I also can't figure out why. It makes it even more hard to understand cause english is not my native.

It's part of a community wide experiment to see if there's a way to make the distribution of rewards more available to "regular" contributors. There's evidently no way to "test" it other than to set it free in the community.

@fyrstikken made a pretty good explanatory video about what they are trying to accomplish:

Thank you!

Thank you for explonation!