What is biology

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What Is Biology?

what is biology? is it just about reproduction? Or dissecting frogs. Yes but is also much more than that.
Biology is Natural Science concerned with the study of life end the living organisms
this could be a lion or snake or mushroom open bacteria
anything what is living is studied in biology
the word biology comes from the Greek word Bios which means life and Logos which means study and knowledge so biology is literally the study of living things in order to gain knowledge of how they work
as you can imagine biology is very wide subject that's why we split into different branches Make it easier as:
taxonomy this is the science of classifying living things into different families like birds mammals insects and so on
then we have an autonomy, This is the study of internal structure of organs in living things like human beings and animals

cytology is the study of cells and how they function

histology is the study of tissues that living bodies are made out of.

Paleontology is the study of fossils

Embryology is the study of embryos, these are entities that will develop into offspring

Genetics which is the study of heredity and variations, basically our living things pass on characteristics to their offspring.

So those are some of topics that you will cover in biology here are some things to know when studying biology
In biology, the cell is the basic unit of life
It is the most basic element in the living things. It is able to replicate independently, so we often call it the building blocks of life.

Genes are the basic unit of heredity and evolution is the engine that propels the the synthesis and creation of new species so what does it mean to be alive
An animal person or plant is considered to be alive when it performs self-sustaining process like eating, sleeping, reproducing, anything that will keep it alive.

What are some of the characteristics of living things. Or what we call self-sustaining process.
There's a nutrition so as opposed to inanimate objects like rocks.

Living things have to feed on variety of substances to get the nutrition their bodies need.

There is respiration, we all need to breathe in order to perform activities, even though insects don't have lungs, they still perform respiration with the same fish whoe live underwater.

There is excretion, the metabolic activities in our bodies generate waste products that we have to get rid of.

There is locomotion or movement in order to carry out activities. living things have to move around and controlled way. Even plants move slowly in order to face the sun better.

There is reproduction, living things have to reproduce you offspring or else their species with not survive.

Then we have a growth. Every living thing has to use the nutrition that collect in order to increase their size and grow stronger.

Finally, there is response. Living things must be sensitive to external stimuli and respond to them like moving away from hot climates or protecting themselves from danger.

So now you know that biology is the study of living organisms.
M we know that the cell is the basic building block of in the living organism. And we know that biology can be split into various branches, like: taxonomy, anatomy, cytology, histology, paleontology, embryology and genetics.

Obviously in order for things to be considered living they have to perform certain processes, these include nutrition, respiration, exclusion, locomotion, reproduction, growth and response.

No you know some of the basics of biology, it's a pretty cool subject don't you think?

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