The Meadow Grasshopper

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A new week in lockdown mode has begun and I decided to come back with another insect post as an educational pastime to fight boredom.

Our guest today belongs to the huge group of grasshoppers and its name is...

The Meadow Grasshopper - Pseudochorthippus parallelus


The meadow grasshopper is a member of the long-horned grasshoppers group, a name given to them because of the length of their "slender" antennae. This group's grasshoppers are mostly green and long-winged, with the Meadow hoppers exhibiting "brown or purplish grey hues". 2


Love you like a love song

Each species has their own, distinctive, "love songs" as well as "fuck off" songs to keep other males away. Both males and females are "singers", but the males do it better and louder (hey, they are the ones who have to find a mate, so their calls need to be better heard). A Meadow Grasshopper's life begins as an egg laid under the soil that begins to hatch when temperatures start rising, in late spring. After several moulting stages, they reach adulthood in about June. 1 - 2 - 3


Where do I see one?

Meadow Grasshoppers love humid environments, that's why they are mostly found near ponds or streams in pastures or meadows. They're herbivores and feed on grass. 1 - 3


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