What are Ketone Bodies - Animated Biochem Tutorial

in #biochemistry4 years ago

Someone once said that to better understand something, try teaching it.

To put this into practice in a new format, I started using Lehninger's Principles of Biochemistry textbook for this purpose.

I've been studying this book, along with Guyton's Physiology for a few years now. So, now I try to review concepts from them. In this one I discuss about Section 17.3 from Lehninger's textbook, which refers to ketone bodies. Any feedback is much appreciated.

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Cristi Vlad, Self-Experimenter and Author


Yessss love for Lehninger the "bible" of Biochemistry.

As a side note I wish you would add a small section at the end promoting your steemit blog. :)

hey, thanks for the suggestion :)

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