Binance just gave me $13 worth of crypto for free

in binance •  6 months ago

I thought this was a phishing email, but after leaving it and heading to on a separate device, it turned out to be legit.

I traded the 1 BNB for some Bitcoin, which I traded for Steem and powered up. Huh.

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Smart move on their part. They encouraged you to start trading on their platform! It’s actually IMHO the best trading platform for altcoins, and using their BNB coin to pay the fees really reduces fees. As much as I invest in STEEM, I probably would have kept the BNB for fees. But then I trade on the platform, so it’s useful to me.


I haven't started trading there though. I pulled the money out and have not touched the site since. They did get a bit of publicity, but I only have 4000 followers and the vast majority are inactive. Not clear if they got $13 of value from this transaction.

I wonder though if my account was selected randomly or they got data on me and chose me because I hold a decent amount of crypto.


In your post you said you traded the BNB they gave you for BTC, then trading that for STEEM. That’s trading, and that’s what they wanted. Of course, they hope that you’ll compare the experience to the one you’re having on other exchanges and decide you’d like to keep doing it with them, but first they wanted to give you an experience to compare to the others, which they did.

I personally prefer Binance above all the other exchanges I’m on. I’ve pretty much stopped using the rest, in fact. But different strokes for different folks.

They probably just picked folks at random who had inactive accounts.

Congratulations @demoturk


yes @demotruk a free bnb to 4.5 SP is beautiful

maybe @binance-hot or @deepcrypto8 can give steemian binance users some random upvotes!

upvoted & resteemed~

I have an account with then. I think I should check mine too. By the way, congratulations! You must have deserved it to receive it from them.

@eurogee of @euronation community

I also want to do it! I would fall well some steem power, still can?


Wow that’s a blessing!
Congratulations sir @demotruk

Congratulations! This is very exciting news and opportunity to earn some free Crypto from such a trading platform. Let me try it out as well. Thanks @demotruk for sharing.


Do you have an account? Did you get the same?

How much have you traded on Binance? could be refferal reward?


Never made a single trade or referral.


Lucky day for you it must have been!

Happy Master! It's a very exciting opportunity to get free Crypto from Binance. I have not created an account yet. Thanks @demotruk share.

Fair play to them. Rewarding customer loyalty goes a long way. Its nice to see more companies realize this.


I've literally never used Binance LOL. I had an account set up just in case I'd need it in the future.


Haha in that case rewarding customers who aren't even customers is extra awesome. Feck I should have signed up for an account 😄

Wow that is a great move by binance to encourage their customers. Congrats

how to get that bonus @demotruk?


Don't know.

It looks like I have a binance account and I also haven't used it, would be curious to find out if anybody else can activate this without the email (which im pretty sure i didn't get). Great post @demotruk

hi @demotruk congratulations,let me try as well.

Congrats sir! Good doings really bears good doings! Your deserving for this sir. Keep it up!

I salute with you brother @demotruk, you're very passionate about this. I think your spirit has inspired many people.

Greeting from Indonesia.

not me... maybe you have a big volume trade or something... ;) nice thought!! I love free crypto :D

Wow! That's so nice of them