The Binance Smart Chain Snuck Up On Us

in #binance3 months ago


Here is the poll from my YouTube channel. The Binance Smart Chain didn't do that great on the poll. I don't think people realize that BNB has a smart contract platform that is a 1 for 1 swap with the old BNB chain that was mainly for saving fees on Binance.

I didn't realize this until I got on Pancake Swap and realized it was running on the Binance Smart Chain instead of Ethereum. The fees are so much less and it is 6 second block times. It is basically what Ethereum 2.0 is supposed to be but 2 years early. The negative to it would be that it is mainly ran by Binance and close partners so we could say it is pretty centralized overall. Personally I don't know how much that is really going to matter in the whole scheme of things.

The cool thing about Pancake swap is that you can exchange coins that are on different chains. On Uniswap and 1Inch it is mainly ERC20 tokens you can exchange.

Are any of you on Pancake Swap or using other offerings on the Binance Smart Chain?