Start Earning BPC Today

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We are looking at all prompted post today at

If you are not using the #bilpcoin start using it today and start earning BPC tokens we support all content


we are going to be giving away a big upvote to take part you must spend at least 5BPC Promotion all promoted posts will get a small upvote 5 to 10 BPC one lucky user will get a 50 to 100BPC upvote we want to see more posts in the promoted tab and it's a good way to burn some tokens we will start doing this a few times a week no blacklisted user's on any blacklist will not be able to get this I'm a manual promotion bot who can be activated by bilpcoin whitelisted users find out more and apply here @thewhitelist find out more about the tribe here @bilpcoin we have a independent record label @bilpcoinrecords that has a separate token called BPCR just by buying and holding this token you will receive one daily upvote the more you hold the bigger the upvote all token sales will be powered up to it reaches one million steempower the main tribe token BPC is at a cheap price right now but things will change soon

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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