The Bilpcoin white list

in bilpcoin •  18 days ago 

We will start looking for members to add to the bilpcoin whitelist tomorrow

Whitelist perks all White list members will be able to use the official bilpcoinbot this bot will be manual process to start with you will be able to use the bot twice a day maximum we will only accept BPC for this promotion service what ever you send we will match it meaning send minimum 10 BPC and get a 18 to 20 BPC upvote maximum 50 BPC for a 98 to 100 BPC upvote we will increase the maximum and minimum in the future this is just the early stages another perk all posts promoted e.g. Upvote by bot will get there posts free promotion on the promoted page on this is a good way to burn tokens if you are interested in joining the bilpcoin white list you must stake at least 10k BPC and make good content no one on any blacklists will be able to join this exclusive club


We are starting a bilpcoin white list in September if you want a chance to be added to that white list you must first stake at least 10k tokens and must produce good content the white list will have many perks the first being able to use the official bilpcoinbot to earn some extra BPC so in the next four days we will give you 1000 free tokens to stake once you buy a 1000 and stake it we will match it you must stake the 1000 given for free or you could be put on the bilpcoin blacklist for life once you have purchased and staked send us proof
every one who shares this post will get a like worth 10BPC you do not have to buy stake just share the post and leave a comment to get a 10BPC like any one under reputation 25 or on the bilpcoin blacklisted any other blacklist can not take part in any of this all token sales will be spent on buying more eng tokens and some DEC
the maximum amount we will match is 2000 BPC once day until this ends it ends in four days



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