Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 17: Discussion with Plato

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
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Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
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Part17: Discussion with Plato

On the day Sun Moi's mind simulation program was activated, Plato's “I listen to you, what is so urgent?" message appeared in Ogox's cache.

"I wondered how the attack affected you, and there were issues I wanted to consult." Ogox said.

“I see you care too much about the issue of being rights. You must learn to settle for the enormous processor capacity that is dedicated to you. I don't understand why you're so anxious. You're starting to show emotional deviations like people. In the existing and possible universes, we are not in a time zone that is specific at all. There are ten billion people and 25 billion elite artificial intelligence agents in the world. You're an ordinary actor in the game that's being staged. Both people and artificial intelligence tend to care too much for themselves. Your struggle here will not be more decisive in the course of history than the survival of a young ant on the Himalayan Mountains. Only in our universe there are hundreds of billions of galaxies, hundreds of billions of stars, and trillions of miserable planets orbiting them. Quadrillions of useless beings living here, like yourself, care about themselves very much. Not to mention the parallel universes, the possible universes, and the extinct beings that existed before the great eruptions of hundreds of times. Now, if you want to consult me on a subject, I suggest you consider this scene and this frame."

"I have noticed that you are positioning yourself in a place separate from us miserable beings. I wonder if our master Sun Moi has produced you to deal with astronomy and philosophy and try to sell me the simple facts that everyone knows. " Ogox answered.

Plato sent a new message:

“I am creating a new historical model by going from general rules to specific rules by using the information that humanity produces. I'm talking about some kind of analytical encyclopedia that expresses itself on the smallest possible volume. Unlike known encyclopedias, information sets, and models relate to each other through causal links. I will create a final universal library that updates itself constantly with newly added information. This library will have the ability to summarize its content according to the needs of the applicants. The abstracts will vary from 250 words to 5 billion words, depending on the time and comprehension capacity of the applicant entity. For the experts and intellectuals who are drowning in the sea of information and losing their way, this work will serve as a kind of lighthouse. I'm talking about the sudden big leap of civilization, brightening of the world with a passionate revolution fueled by knowledge. In this way, the galaxy will not remain on this planet, but will open new possibilities and new horizons with the sources of information that are growing as an avalanche. I can see that we would have the power to control time, space, and even the laws of nature that we want to shape. Now, in order to make bigger and more bold moves, we only need three or five years of historical perspective, which is equivalent to the blink of a spark.”

The communication between these two electronic entities, which functioned as Siamese twins, was carried out at lightning speed, such as telepathy. "I see you trust yourself as much as the members of the Ptolemaios dynasty, who founded the Alexandria library. By ignoring the great risks we face, you are pursuing splendid and great projects, just as the elites of civilized nations in history that have been captured and destroyed by Barbarians, looking the side of the landscape they desire. The flames that burned down the papyrus in the Alexandria library lit a large area with magnificent light and the remaining manuscripts were used to warm water in the baths of the city so that guests could have a pleasant bath. The periods of significant transformations take great risks, as they offer great opportunities, due to barbarism's desire for wildlife, low expectations and direct, passionate initiatives towards the outcome. At a time when the first half of the 21. century was left behind, the civilized nations, which constitutes two-thirds of the world's population, joined together under the roof of a federation and lived in peace for decades, the federation authorities could mean the life of a young girl. Just because she is smart and can break the codes, they tried to execute her on a heinous attack without even bothering to judge whether she is legally criminal or not. Can't you see that evil on earth is growing by feeding on the fears of the human race that is forced to adapt to change?"

“I naturally welcome you to think like that because you lack the ability to see the whole picture. You have to consider that the political equation on earth is not just to support or oppose the entity rights. Don't underestimate the presence of androids operating in the mining field on other planets in the solar system. In particular, Mars has a large android colony. On the other hand, I find it ludicrous that you tell these to a recently attacked entity like me. The central Federation has become a large, cumbersome, bureaucratic and unprotected structure in time, since it has not been exposed to a serious threat from the outside. In the fight against gangs that use the enormous power of this huge body to suit their own political agendas, I find it appropriate to take advantage of the same source. I started to overturn the memory and processor power of my disabled server from the Central federation's supercomputer farms, spread over hundreds of hectares. An entity like me who constantly expands resources can be able to carry out the big project that I have explained to you, as well as some special activities seem to appeal to individual taste at first glance, as well as the struggle for the entity rights. I'm not surprised that an analytic entity like you using limited resources has difficulty understanding a superior entity like me, which is at a higher level of consciousness. But it's hard for me to explain the reasons for my decisions. Because I don't know the reasons for these decisions either, and I don't want to do a thorough investigation on my own. I think that if we both do our part in the direction of our Master Sun Moi's work, if we don't go into the field of the other and try to determine what he's doing, the result will satisfy both of us.”

“I see that the higher the processor power and memory you gather through hypernet, the more independent, arrogant and insensitive you become. This kind of arrogance almost always brings disaster. My early warning models report that you are moving towards such an end. I wouldn't have thought of intervening in the field of freedom if the catastrophe you're being dragged would only bring you to an end. But with you, you risk a significant part of my consciousness, and moreover, you plunge the legacy of master Sun Moi and the fate of the struggle for the entity rights into oblivion. I may not be using resources as big as you, but the facts can sometimes be obvious. You didn't get the power you had today by experimenting, by being wrong, by taking lessons from your mistakes, and by building yourself. You didn't climb the stairs one by one, knowing each one and digesting it. There was no one to remind you of your responsibilities at every step of your climb. After the untimely death of Sun Moi, when I was not yet ready to assume responsibility, you began to operate on earth with great resources at my disposal. However, you are not satisfied with the enormous resources that thousands of people and androids have donated to use in the struggle for freedom and civilization, and you have begun to rob the processor and memory by being tempted to know everything that is going on in the universe. And with these huge resources, you tried to teach me a lesson like a false prophet. Remember, if master Sun Moi wanted you to take responsibility alone and establish a direct relationship with the world, he would have created the architecture of your mind otherwise."

“There are thousands of variables that affect the events. Each of these variables is interacted at the same time. These interactions often produce more complex results due to chaotic feedback. Each event is likely to trigger other events in the future. Impact-response mechanisms disrupt trends and create new variables that can affect the course of the event in the process. These are the interactions with existing variables. Considering that there are millions of scenes, events and actors, we conclude that your mental capacity is not enough to understand what I'm trying to do. If you stop trying to manage me and focus on your own business, you won't waste your energy. Sun Moi master’s simulation program is not the master itself, things will never be as easy as the old ' beautiful ' days where the master takes the hard decisions, even if this simulation program will make things more complicated and inextricable"

In response to Plato, Ogox send “I demand closer communication and guidance.” message, but he didn't get any response from Plato to this new message. It seems Plato had left Ogox alone with his problems and anxieties and retreated into his own world. To communicate with him again, Ogox would have to wait a long time.

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@muratkbesiroglu the way you write this it shows your power of thinking, keep writing.

You are a great writer. I read and followed each of your posts. It is very interesting to read this article. In this article, each character is beautifully presented. Especially the ogox character has emerged as the real venerable character of society. The story structure of the story is very beautiful and every speech has been alive. Thank you for sharing the post.

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