Haphazaed Thoughts- A Poetry

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Simply Put, life is a lottery rollercoaster
We pick the seat from a raffle, draw!
Then we make it the best we ever had, if we want
The successful ones say they know this..
but they keep it tight within the fist of I-better-hold-this-before-they-judge-me

It is all about survival
The food, The Emotional, women
The needs, The Psycho-logical, men
The feuds, The ones we lost, the ones we won
And the ones we loved until it begun

Stepping into his closest
Into his two-shoes, one shirt boutique
He dresses himself up in disgust
And wonder with a sober abandonment into the distance of the walls of the cupboard as if he could see the future that he frequently gave hope on

Then more-days-than-weeks fast forwarded into the future.
In a different closet in a different house
With a different him
But the same humanism
He dresses better but his needs won't let him
I guess the Adam Smith within him was right, he thought
Was he not the one who talked about all this insatiability that so easily ruins me and you until you fight it
Now, he talks to himself facing a mirror

Don't mind me, only for the last line
I am not good with economics
I am a freak-o-nomist
I am happy to be
I have seen a lot of them make ends meet
Where are the ends?
Where do they meet?
They are like 2 km apart
Until one day, God makes a Ferrari
That joins them in the twinkle of a surprise that beats imagination
Asphyxiation is not death
Death equals strangled hope hanging to the ceiling of nothingness shaking her legs in a country like the one I live in
Where no matter what you do?
You're still lazy
Because the system is corrupt
Insensitive and....
The words are endless
The description is a nightmare
I am a ghost in this graveyard of stabbed hopes
Scenery of the Nigerian Dream
I have been chasing myself alnight
In boxers and shirtlessness
I am tired but I won't give up
This country taught me that hope is not a subject of strength
It is a matter of decision
You decide your point of hopelessness or otherwise
I have been asphyxiated many times
Died many times
Hung myself to the ceiling
Pushed the stool to the left
Shook my feet till it twisted into stillness
But Gabriel wouldn't let me in
So Here I am again
Back from my most recent deportation
Hooked to the underside of mother earth
Gotta bring a child outta her
Saw so many Do it rights being betrayed by the system that created the laws and rights
The social Do-it-like-this-And-get-it-like-that
Now, I will Do it my way
And get it my all no matter what
That is the new law for the son of tbe soil

The Pastors, the ones told to guide us
Brought it upon themselves to build taxless corporations
And use us as goods
While they profit from the sale of us to ourselves
I wait till the judgement day, I hope it exists
So. I can see who gets punished first, who gets the duplex in hell and who gets to Sleep in the gutters of heaven

I am gonna stop here.

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Wow! This was lit! Sounds like the lyrics of a rap...twould make a pretty good one too. The suicide part scared me a little though. This got me totally;

The needs, The Psycho-logical, men

I loved it. Cheers bro.



Thanks. The suicide part is nothing, just some irony.