Aliens or Cicadas??? in Original Night Photography Series 40

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This one, is in my Big n Nasty Series, new Series call #bignnasty
Look at it , it looks so funny. Like So Serious Type Creature, It looks like one that wearing a Goggle, maybe it is a Nerd trying to be #funny. Cicadas are notorious singer. They have loud pitch noise.
It just flied in and settle on top of my working bench top. This one think, he is reader.

Australian Cicadas

It does have a pairs of Goo-gle Eyes, maybe some sort of an Alien. Trying to deceive us all. Here,a proof.

This is how close I get to it. Seriously!!! Are you afraid?

Australian Cicadas in Original Photography Series 40 - Original Photography and Written by @bullionstackers
Night Photography - Original By @bullionstackers
Camera Iphone 6
All Copyright Reserve

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I'm not scared of no bugs!

Thank you @bullionstackers for offering your attorney services to Steemit.

In that are some queries....

What recourse does Steemit have against down voters?

Should there not be a policy for this?

@felixxx has an article out about this subject.

Kind Regards, bleujay

Very very creepy up close and personal!

Does look scary up close and looks similar to crickets.

Thank you for posting @bullionstackers. Lovely very close they are. Well done.

All the best. Cheers.

This monster is from the wilderness. Fancy......

congratulations friend yes postings perfect

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