Another day, another step towards Orwellian 1984 scenario

in bigbrother •  4 months ago

In todays news we find yet another Shooting grabbing headlines

This is always increadibly bothersome to me because this is a new phenomenon that we use to not have. It seems every day we have a new attack of some kind and it goes straight to the headlines to try and paralize us with fear in an attempt to willingly give up our rights to the overbearing government that is always trying to put its boot a little farther onto our throats. How is it that people are so easy to balme an inanimate object (guns) for the evil deads of mankind. Why do we not vilanize cars the same way? More people are killed by cars every year than guns. For that matter more people are blugened to death with bats and hammers each year in the US than are killed by guns. Why are we all not calling for common sence bat, hammer, and car control? It absolutely sickens me that poeple would so willingly give up their rights in the name of some false safety supplied by the government. I hope you all feel that same safety as you are being hearded onto the train cars like the jews in Nazi germany. They also made the same mistake of giving up their means of self protection and millions paid the ultimate price. As a mater of fact this has been a common practice by most authotarian dictatorships throughout history. Take away the peasants means of self protection then rule the people with an iron fist. Do not give up so easily my freinds. What is happening right now is a problem with people, not with an inanimate object that has been around for decades. The fault lies in the heart and minds of man.

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