Thought crimes to become reality, when you no longer own even your THOUGHTS

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Even Buddha stated, precisely, ‘SPEAK THE BENEFICIENT TRUTH’. Meaning that telling someone the truth, with the intention of harming them, is also not good. Oops, just gave the Cult of Judah ‘Hate Speech’ a boost. For THE ‘Jews’ argument is that it is NOT whether something you publically uttered / published about a ‘Jew’ or ‘Jews’ was TRUTHFUL or not. But whether you INTENDED HARM in uttering / publishing it. Which Brendon O’Connell has NOT addressed as the supposed ‘expert of hate speech laws’. There is NO way around a law when it is open to being INTERPRETED to ASSUME that ANY criticism of ‘Jews’ IS motivated by an irrational hatred of all ‘Jews’, by ‘anti-Semitism’, and NOT by a desire to SAVE US AND THE ‘JEWS’ FROM THE CULT OF JUDAH’. Not by a desire for justice. Not by a desire to prevent harm. Not by a desire to protect the innocent. Not by the BEST of intentions. But by MALICIOUS intentions. Dear Brendan, there is NO way around the cunningly crafted legislation. Until you deal with THIS aspect of the hate speech laws, they remain a minefield that any ‘Jew’ can ‘activate’ at will. And suddenly people who thought they were walking safely and confidently, suddenly find themselves ‘triggering’ mines they had not realised were planted ALL AROUND US. The problem is how can you prove your motives were NOT malicious? How can you prove your motives were BENEFICENT? Well intended? Uttered in ‘good faith’ and with good intentions?
And while on the point of hate speech laws, we must re-visit the whole idea of ‘IN PUBLIC’. For an utterance must be made ‘in public’ for it to come under the authority of current hate speech laws. This could mean standing up at a public meeting and saying ‘I don’t believe ‘The Holocaust’ propaganda’ or publishing a video on YouTube, or posting the comment on any social media site. Or even speaking where you COULD be overheard by ANYONE. Even your own children, who could be taken away by ‘community services’ and put in foster homes, for some casual remark they overheard you make in your own home.
It may sound ‘unreal’ to you, but the experts are STATING that A.I will soon be able to LITERALLY RECORD pre-vocalized thoughts that you have merely expressed INTERNALLY, in your own mind.
They are presenting this breakthrough in the best light. As a means for people to communicate without even speaking. For example I wouldn’t need to type what I am now writing. I could just ‘think’ it. Verbalise it internally. Not actually having to SAY anything at all. Just carry out an internal dialog with the software / hardware interface. Just think the words without actually saying them/ speaking them aloud. Like when you read and ‘hear the words in your head’. Just the reverse of this. Hearing the words in your head, they will appear on your screen.
Now a very seriously respected authority on A.I has stated publically that the NEW boundary of ‘privacy’ has just been pushed back and INTO your own head.
The new ‘public domain’ will start at the PRE-vocalization level of your thoughts.
I have the person on video and will edit that video, without misrepresenting the context. For the context WAS all about PRIVACY. And the meaning of the term PUBLIC and PRIVATE in the brave new world of A.I that is just a decade or so away. Given the rush to install the new 5G ‘internet of things’, the implication is that soon YOUR THOUGHTS WILL NO LONGER BE YOUR PRIVATE POSSESSION. THERE WILL BE ZERO PRIVACY FOR THE MASSES. There will be 5G receivers and transmitters on every corner of every street of every town. Even remote towns. Freeways. Forests. These will register your movements literally step by step. So the new miniature ‘attack drones’ with ‘high explosives’ would be able to locate you, and face recognise you, within moments of any ‘authorized party’ deciding you were an ‘enemy of the state’, and thus legitimate target for assassination.
The potential dangers of 5G are totally researched. The man who once earned millions as a lobbyist FOR the telecommunications industry, is now the man responsible for REGULATING the telecommunications industry. Fox watching over the hens much? Does this surprise you? It won’t surprise people who have been paying attention to the ‘goings on’ in Washington over the last few decades.
This is in fact a typical situation for the occupied ‘Jew’.S.A, where ‘revolving doors’ connect government and military with private corporations. In fact around half of all congressmen and senators, and senior military officers, retire to take up ‘posts’ with the corporations they ‘did business with’ or ‘regulated’ or ‘outsourced contracts to’, during their ‘time in office’ as government employees. Those were the ‘poor’ ones. The others were already rich shareholders in this ‘scam’ called the ‘Jew’.S.A. The system, based on lobbyists and Cult of Judah ‘handlers’ making all the critical policy decisions, is totally corrupt. The few honest political representatives who somehow get elected against their Cult of Judah pre-selected and groomed competition, and then attempt to ‘blow the whistle’ on this state of affairs, are ignored, or worse, ‘silenced’. Either run out of office like Nixon, or simply murdered, like JFK.
5G may be, or used for, very dark and sinister purposes. Mood alteration. Putting people into ‘altered states’. Trance-like states. And even, as the experts in A.I claim, mind reading, and mind CONTROL. I can’t claim to ‘know’ what is and what is not possible. The expert in the video I have posted is probably in a better position to ‘know’. But either way, would YOU risk it? Thinking ‘illegal thoughts’, and RISKING being charged with a ‘thought crime’, just for THINKING ‘politically incorrect’ thoughts?
We are taking the Zoroastrian / Atenic principle of ‘GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS, GOOD DEEDS’ to the limit. Currently what you DO and SAY can be used to prosecute you and fine you and imprison you, and ruin your life. Soon what you THINK will be used in the same way. Isn’t it time to reconsider how the laws, as they ALREADY stand, are being interpreted, and used, to CONTROL you. To censor you. To SELF-censor you? And punish you for ‘thinking outside the box’? For ANY sort of DIVERGENT / CREATIVE thinking or behavior?
WHEN will it be time to do this? Soon it will be too late to DO anything. It will become a crime even to THINK OF DOING ANYTHING about this state of affairs.
People keep wanting you to self-censor your criticism of invasion of privacy by shaming you into silence with ‘Well people who have nothing to hide, SHOULD have nothing to fear, and should WELCOME total surveillance, to PROTECT THEM from OTHER malicious and criminal people’. Right?
As if the ONLY reason we desire privacy is to ‘hide our guilt’ from others and keep ‘GUILTY secrets’. As if THAT were the ONLY reason we put up curtains in our homes, and closed our doors. And had passwords for our banking and social media sites. As if we had never ever had anything to fear from other people having access to OUR personal data and private lives. As if there were NO way for un-authorized people to take advantage of the situation and HACK authorized user’s to access OUR private details. As if no-one in government would ever dream of ABUSING their power. As if you could TRUST the security measures of the ‘authorities’, and every ‘authority’ who is, after all, merely another human being. Not some perfect angel from another dimension.
So at WHAT point will YOU decide ‘enough is enough’? Probably AFTER it is too late to DO anything about changing anything. By the time EVERYONE becomes aware of what they have LOST, it will be too late to retrieve it, without violence and massive loss of life and suffering. The ‘war of all against all’. With MOST of those on the side of the ‘authorities’ believing THEY are on the side of good. Because they have NO idea about the REALITY of the situation. And WHO they are working for. And WHAT they are working for. A one world tyrannical Cult of Judah ‘Jew’ World Order.
Yes it happens to be mostly ‘Jews’ who are our ‘adversary’ in this battle for freedom and liberty. They have been brainwashed from birth, for over 3000 years, over 200 generations, and only the ‘faithful’ have been pre-selected and groomed and handled and supported into the positions of power, where a few people have their hands on ‘the levers of power’ and the ‘steering wheel’ of policy. As the ‘Captains’ of the ‘ships of state’ and the massive global corporations and banking conglomerates, and Government organisations, and the ‘Jew’.N itself. As CLEARLY demonstrated in the total destruction of Libya, in the most recent and blatant war crime, crime against humanity, and expression of the Cult of Judah’s modus operandi and intentions, to date.
Just remember, even if you believe that ‘good’ people run your government and corporations today, imagine how the power you are handing over to them could be abused by ‘bad’ people, tomorrow.
Of course those of us who are awake realise that no genuinely GOOD person could survive for long in the current system, in either the private or public sectors. Nor in the ‘alternative media’. Those people who ‘succeed’ today do so because they are defined by the Cult of Judah as assets. Either knowingly working hand in hand with the Cult of Judah. Or unwittingly serving the interests of the Cult of Judah, by performing some role beneficial or necessary to the Cult of Judah’s strategy.
I just edited and prepared a short video for my and TROONATNOOR channels. Showing the new miniature drones in action, and the Director of DARPA and GOOGLE explaining how you have chosen to make something public domain by verbalising it inside your head, what the Director calls ‘sending a thought to your speech center’. THAT is where, according to the Cult of Judah ‘Jew’ World Order, the public domain begins, and privacy ends. THAT is going to be the new basis for LITERAL ‘THOUGHT CRIMES’.
At first ‘divergent’ and thus ‘politically incorrect’ ideas which ‘infringe upon our community standards’ will be ‘punished’ by fines, and denial of access to essential web services, which will deny you access to almost all essential services, once everything is connected to the 5G network ‘internet of things’. Just like in China. Where you ‘lose points’ for any post or activity, which might indicate a ‘lack of enthusiasm for the new government program / war / law / genocide’. Then we’ll see FEMA ‘re-education’ camps activated. They already exist. Are fully funded and resourced. Conveniently located on train lines, and in isolated regions such as Alaska.
Then we’ll see all out mass executions and starvations just like in the ‘good old days’ when the Cult of Judah openly occupied Russia and Eastern Europe as the ‘Jew’.S.S.R.