@PROFFIT bot now offers better ROI for its users | 2-25%

in bidbot •  5 months ago


Times are tough for everyone in the crypto world these days and we decided to help little bit by increasing our Return On Investment limit (ROI) from previous 1-20% to 2-25% .

Our vote value is not huge but we hope this increase will help some newbies earn their first STEEM tokens and keep them around this amazing platform .

make sure you check steembottracker.com for current status of the bot


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You got a 25.37% upvote from @votepower courtesy of @smidge-tv!

I made an error today.
Instead of pasting a link to my post, I pasted a link to another man's post.
It is my fault so no need to refund me.
I sent you 0.04.
All I ask for is to undo the vote, since I do not know him.

You got a 35.22% upvote from @proffit courtesy of @smidge-tv!
2-25% Return on investment. Check steembottracker.com for current status
Minimum 0.01 SBD/STEEM to get upvote , Minimum 1 SBD/STEEM to get upvote + resteem