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RE: Bot Updates!

in #bidbot2 years ago (edited)

@upmewhale , your bot is currently stuck it has been at the same time for over an hour now and im waiting for you to upvote my post which says it will upvote in 3 minutes but its naw been an hour!?

Edit n: so now its back working and you put me through to next round so My post wont get upvoted for like 3 hours!!! what BS! I will not use your service again, when I put in my vote I SENT YOU 8.00 STEEM , it was still 30 minutes left until the bot votes , now Its 3 hours!!! OMG!!! PLEAEE SEND ME BACK MY MONEY!
here is the link i wanted upvoted:


I don't understand the problem with waiting 3 hours as opposed to 30 minutes for an upvote? I don't completely understand all the inter-workings of Steemit, but I know that payouts don't happen until 7 days after you've made a post so unless you send in for the vote with final minutes before payout of your post.. well next time leave more time, but otherwise.. explain what is the big deal from waiting a few hours?

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