Bike and Graffiti - Random Photo #5 - Reithalle Bern, Velo

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Hello Friends

Today I will present you a bike in front of a graffiti-wall.
This is a place in Bern, Switzerland called Reithalle. Every wednesday they have some themed food and that's the reason we go there. Is an outonomous organisation right in the heart of switzerlands capital.


I hope you like this picture as much as I do.

Musictipp of the day (or more of the post):
Hilltop Hoods - Stopping all Stations

Cheers and have a nice day y'all! :-)
Credits Photo: Mimare Photography (which is basically my girlfriend and me)
Credits Streetart: Unknown


Hi @rhetoric I decided to come and see if you had posted the graffiti and bike image you were telling me about it is! I really love the subdued lighting and that bike looks very much part of the scene. You have a great sense of composition. Well Done!

Thank you very much. It took a few rearrangements to get the bike to a good position (they probably thought I'm going to steal it, haha) but I'm happy with this shot too.
I have another one in the pipeline and will let you know:)

Well, I think you nailed it @rheteric I look forward to seeing more of your talented photography.

Haha thanks again:)
There is another post online If you wish t check it out
Cheers and have a nice day!

Love the angle and lighting on this shot.

If you like street art, Show PEST some love.

NW American Legend.

Thanks mate! I had to use a high ISO but it still came out good:)
Yeah I love streetart, you have great pictures too!

Great Photo! I love the street art too!

Thank you very much mate! Street art is unfortunately not mine and it's close to impossible to find credits since it changes almost every week:)

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Thanks a lot.
Bikes are the future:))

What a great picture!

Thank you!

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